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Tikto comes from the ancient Greek, to birth, to beget, to bring forth. Everything starts with an idea born in our minds. Why TiktoPlus? Great achievements happen when your idea plus actionable steps come to life. Ideas born in our minds need to be materialized through different media such as human language and computer language, words and code.

TiktoPlus is a Wilmington, NC based web development, localization, SEO, and pay-per-click online advertising web design and digital marketing agency specializing in dental and healthcare practices. Founder and CEO, Marc Mereyde holds an MA from UNCW and an MS in Information and Communication Technologies, a graduate certificate in translation from NYU and Communication Technologies from University of Wisconsin, Stout. He is also Google Analytics and Google Adwords Paid Search certified.

Marc is passionate about HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, relational databases and web technologies in general. He has been teaching several web development classes at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Wilmington. He also occasionally speaks at various technology Meetup groups in the Cape Fear region.

TiktoPlus offers web design and web development services. However, this is just a first step. Having a website is great but now what? It could be the best website in the world, it doesn’t mean people will visit your site. It’s not because you built it that someone will come. It’s just like having a business card. It doesn’t do you any good if it just sits in your pocket. So, TiktoPlus offers digital marketing services that include SEO, Adwords and Facebook advertising campaign management. In order to measure the impact of SEO and digital marketing, we also offer Google Analytics services. Marc Mereyde has taught many Google Adwords and Google Analytics seminars to both students and business owners. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Facebook and Adwords advertising looks deceptively simple. But it’s way to easy for a novice to spend hundreds or thousands without getting any results. While there is no guarantee in digital advertising, a deep knowledge of each platform can dramatically increase your chances of success.

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