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The Importance Of Blogging and Video For SEO

Improve your rankings and improve your use of content after reading this post! Discover the importance of blogging and video for SEO here.

Most SEO specialists overlook the importance of blogging.

They optimize your pages, tweak your website to make it run faster, upload sitemaps, and so on. But do you know what the most important component of your search optimization strategy is? Most importantly, do you use the power of content to your advantage?

Content takes many forms, including blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more.

Google, like any company, looks to increase their profits and keep a loyal customer base. To remain a global leader, they work hard to provide search results that are relevant to its users. If Google’s users became dissatisfied with the results on the first page, over and over again, they would switch to another search engine.

The importance of blogging lies in providing answers to your website visitors. You will rank high if your articles, videos, or any other types of content are the best in your niche. Only then would Google proudly display your website on the first page.

If you want to find out more about the importance of blogging, video, and how to use your content marketing strategy to rank higher, read on.

The Importance of Blogging and Keywords

There was a time when everyone stopped talking about keywords and started focusing on backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the most important authority clues that you can give to Google. However, the truth is that untargeted, unfocused content will get lost in the crowd.

Your prospects use keywords to find answers to their questions. Just make sure you speak their language, too.

Do not pick keywords such as “How to upload your sitemap in WordPress” if your buyer persona does not have a clue how to use WordPress. Instead, focus on topics that are accessible to your readers, and use keywords they are familiar with.

How to Create Videos That Stand Out on Social Media

Not all social media platforms are alike. Therefore, sharing the same video on all social media platforms will not do much for your engagement rates.

For example, Facebook and Linkedin are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Even though there are many users who have accounts on both, the two platforms incentivize different behavior.

Your digital marketing strategy should account for this. You should tweak your videos accordingly for each social media platform.

Remember that social media platforms are also used as search engines.  Make sure you do some keyword research before posting your videos.

Use External and Internal Links in Your Blog Posts

There are certain clues you give to search engines to help them figure out what you are talking about and for what keywords you are trying to rank.

Some intelligent marketers realize the importance of blogging. It causes them to focus all their efforts on creating unique, problem-solving content. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, you need to make your blog posts discoverable too. This is where internal linking and external linking come into play.

Do not be afraid to link to other websites or back up your claims with hard data. It makes you look trustworthy and confident in the eyes of the reader. Plus, it clues Google in on what you trying to talk about.

Internal linking helps search engines create a more accurate sitemap. It also provides readers with extra material to explore.

Stay focused. Do not use anchor text that says “click here” or irrelevant keywords that have nothing to do with the content linked.

Success Does Not Always Equal Virality

Rarely do videos or blog posts actually go viral. The competition for attention is so high that is almost impossible to predict what will go viral and what will be forgotten.

However, most videos created by companies have even smaller chances of becoming viral. This is because people perceive them as just advertisement.

When was the last time you shared a video from your favorite soap brand? Probably never, right?

But that does not necessarily mean your buyer persona is ignoring the videos you make.

In the case of most products, a buyer’s incentive to share is less than their incentive to buy.

For example, it is a bit awkward to share an ad from a hair loss product with your friends, no matter how good the product is.

Keep in mind that likes, and shares are vanity metrics. Your sales are the most important.

Create Scannable Posts

Internet users who stumble upon your blog post will rarely light a cigar, sip from their espresso, and read your articles for an hour. It is tough to swallow, but they are probably not savoring every word.

Your consumers want useful information, and they want it now. The do not want to sift through filler posts and long articles that have promising headlines yet little to no useful content. Instead, use educational videos to promote your business

Many companies make the mistake of placing too much weight on humor. While being entertaining and humourous does work, it does not necessarily fit the situation.

Your prospect should laugh at your videos and move on. Do not forget about your primary goal: informing your viewers.

When you create the script of a video, keep your buyer persona’s pain points in mind, and offer solutions for them.

When you offer viable solutions, you establish authority in your field. Authority is the biggest magnet for clients.

On the other hand, the importance of blogging, especially long-form, in the realm of SEO is staggering.

Any sane SEO expert recommends long-form content, simply because long-form articles rank higher.

So, should you aim to please Google or your readers?

Why not do both?

Instead of writing shorter content, aim for longer. But always use effective headlines that deliver exactly what they promise.

Make it easy for your reader to scroll down and find their answer on the third subheadline without wasting their time. Scannable content is the only solution that satisfies both Google and the visitors to your site.

Wrapping Up

Though aspects of web design play an important role, blogging and videos are critical for your inbound marketing strategy.

Remember to adapt your strategy to different social media platforms. This will lead to the most success. Also, create informative, scannable blog posts that link to relevant content.

By using these strategies, you can start climbing the ranks of Google and Bing!

If you need help with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook advertising or SEO feel free to contact us. We can manage that aspect of your business while you take care of the rest!