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Digital Marketing

SEO, Social Media

Having a website without promoting it is like having a business card that always stays in your pocket.

You need to promote your website. Digital Marketing is a broad term that includes both paid search and organic search.

Paid search is when you buy ads on Adwords, Facebook, etc…There are different paid search models. Some are pay per click and others are pay per impressions. Let’s look at Adwords for example. It offers both options. Actually, it offers tons of options. Do not be fooled by Adwords Express. It is a tool partially built on artificial intelligence. It makes a lot of decisions for you and they are not always so intelligent. It picks up keywords that are often far from optimal when it comes to your industry. It also offers less customization than the regular version of Google Adwords. Adwords even offers the option to target your audience based on income tier. While there is no guarantee in digital marketing or in life in general, there is an indisputable fact. People who do not try anything as best as they can, will always dramatically decrease their chances of success.

Adwords looks simple but it is actually so complex that Google has its own certification system for Adwords.

Organic Search is when people find you after entering specific search terms in their favorite search engine. This leads us to the topic of Search Engine Optimization also called SEO. There are literally hundreds of variables that search engines take into account while ranking websites. Some are technical variables such as landing page loading speed while others are more based on your website online presence and activity. Is your website mentioned on other websites such as online directories which are so important for local SEO. Do you have any social media profiles? Most importantly, do you have active social media profiles where you post several times a week? How helpful is your content to others? How many times do people click on it? Do you post at specific times of the day where you can get maximum engagement?

TiktoPlus’ web design division ensures that your site’s internal code is optimized for search engines and digital marketing. There are often simple tweaks that can dramatically increase your landing page loading speed. In addition, websites’ internal code tells the search engines a lot about what your business is about. You may never see them, but the search engines see “meta tags” which are part of your site’s internal code. Those need to be crafted carefully if you do not want to miss out your chance to rank higher. We can also take care of your social media management.We use sophisticated algorithms to determine the best times to post in each social media profile. Like us on Facebook and receive a 10% discount. ¬†TiktoPlus can help you research your industry keywords so that search engines can find you for what you want to be known for. We optimize your website content for your industry keywords.

In addition, we can help you create slideshow videos on YouTube which is own by Google.

TiktoPlus’ owner, Marc Mereyde is Google Analytics and Google Adwords paid search certified.

Let TiktoPlus help you with your Google Analytics account and your Adwords campaigns so you can concentrate on your business and watch your target market audience grow.

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