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Finding talented dental employees is a complex, time consuming and energy sapping process. Retaining them is another issue altogether. If you handle these two issues well, your practice will have a great foundation for success.

It’s not surprising that good employees are hard to find. Regardless of industry, they are very important to any business. They provide:

Great customer service, retention, and experience
Knowledge, creativity, and innovation
In-depth research, accuracy, and analysis
Productivity and lower business costs
More branding and boosts in sales
Having talented dental employees makes it easier for the dentist to improve the efficiency of the dental practice. Read on to learn how to find and retain the best employees.

Where to Find Talented Dental Employees

Before hiring anyone, you must first outline all the qualities of a good employee. These will help you narrow the candidates for each position in your practice. Examples of top qualities include hard work, intelligence, confidence, cultural fit, and attention to detail.

Here are some ideas on where to find great dental employees:

Use Referrals

Face it, nothing beats a good referral in employee recruitment. Make sure the referral is from someone you trust. This gives you confidence the new employee has the qualities to fit with other dental employees.

List the Vacancy in a Job Board

Job boards get a lot of criticism for providing unqualified or low-quality employee prospects. This isn’t entirely their fault.

Make sure your job description is attractive, detailed, and accurate. It must sell the position to potential candidates. It must also contain details of the culture at the dental practice.

Get Recruiting Software

If you have surplus funds, you can get recruiting software for your practice. This helps with applicant tracking and resume analysis. It reduces your workload of weeding through a long list of candidates.

Hire a Staffing Agency

You stand a high chance of getting good dental employees if you outsource the recruiting to an agency. These agencies save you time by weeding out the poor candidates and sending you the best.

Advertise the Vacancy

Advertising a job vacancy should be a last option decision. That’s because it will attract desperate and unqualified candidates. You might fail to hire any candidate because of the sheer volume of applicants.

Poach from Your Competition

It seems like a dirty thing to do. Yet, poaching people from your competitors adds a qualified and important employee to your practice. You don’t need to worry because your research shows they will fit well.

Try Professional Networking Services

Even though Twitter and Facebook are great in connecting with people, you need something professional. Try using LinkedIn to search for top dental candidates. You never know who might be looking for a job.

Get Recommendations from your Alma Mater

Some businesses partner with their Alma Mater to hire the best graduating students. Dental practices should do the same. Instead of hiring people at the top of their profession, they can get graduating dental students and train them.

This saves money in salaries and benefits. It also pushes the universities to align their curriculum with real-life situations in dental practices.

With the hiring process out of the way, dive in to learn how to keep those new employees.

How to Retain Great Dental Employees

Retaining top dental employees is not as easy as one might think. After all, everyone assumes the candidate who was longing for the position is happy to work there. Various things in the practice might affect their desire to stay.

Here are a few ideas to help you retain these employees:

Improve the Employee-Management Relationship

80% of employees who trust their bosses show commitment to their job. It is clear that some employees resign because they don’t get along with their supervisors. Ensuring the dentist and the dental employees get along is crucial to the success of the practice.

This employee-management relationship involves the use of positive feedback, open communication, and respect. It is also important for management to outline the vision and mission of the practice. This guides the employees on their role in achieving these goals.

Make sure everyone understands the hierarchy in the practice. Employees must also understand what is expected from them.

Pay Well

Whether we like to admit it or not, employees go where the pay is good. Other factors may favor a different organization, yet people will lean toward where the pay is better.

Paying well also goes beyond appreciating your employees. It helps attract the very best talent in the industry. Their expertise will improve the quality of your service as well as boost your sales.

Give Benefits and Incentives

Surprising your employees with bonuses and incentives improves staff morale. It motivates them to continue working well and bring success to the practice.

Benefits can include something like quality health insurance. Employees love it when it seems you care for their wellbeing. Such benefits boost productivity in the workplace.

These incentives cultivate a positive feeling from the employees toward the practice. If they love you, they won’t leave you.

Create a Positive Work Environment

If the work environment is toxic, the dental employees will be looking for the nearest exit. No one wants to work somewhere where there is tension, fighting, passive aggression, and poor leadership.

It is up to the leaders to create a feel-good environment where employees are appreciated. The employees must get opportunities to show their value to the practice. There must also be policies that protect the workers.

Update the Employee Policy Manual

Without structure, businesses would crumble. Everyone must know their responsibilities in the practice. The manual must outline when people get leave days or vacations. There must be rules on dress code, office hours, and dispute resolution.

Streamline the Staff Meetings

Make sure staff meetings follow an agenda and a schedule. Remember to communicate the vision and mission of the practice in each meeting. This ensures the staff knows the goals they are working towards.

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It is expensive for a dental practice to keep replacing employees. Moreover, it erodes the loyalty and sense of trust that patients build with the dental staff. You have to make sure your hiring and employee retention practices are top notch.

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