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Dental Marketing

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Your dental practice is a business. There is no other way around it. It’s not always clear on how to improve your dental practice.


However, if you are like many other practitioners; productivity, cost reduction, effective time management, and technology are probably not your areas of expertise. We want you to focus on what you do best, which is oral care!


Your dental practice requires effective and efficient procedures to maximize productivity, efficiency, reduce costs, and most importantly – ensure your clients are happy. Luckily, research and technology have enabled a dental practice to continue to improve efficiency, leading to happier clients, more revenue, and less overall expenses.


We get it, the dental market has become tight. Competition is high. Like any business, you must evaluate your assets, procedures, and processes in order to determine an innovation plan to reflect the market change and growth in order to compete.


Practice management software combined with effective staff delegation and schedule efficiency can make drastic improvements to your dental practice. Dental digital marketing is perfect option to help grow your practice and generate leads. Allow a company like TiktoPlus to assess your practice, save you time, help you find leads, and improve more smiles.


Dentist Schedule Efficiency


As a dentist, your time is the most valuable asset to your practice. The more efficient you operate on a daily basis, the more valuable your company becomes as your capacity increases. Most scheduling plans are out of date and poorly planned. Your schedule may be effective now, but when is last time you evaluated your procedures?


Your practice management system is the main killer of time when it comes to full utilization. The software is built to make business easier and more efficient.


Are you getting the best use of your software? When is the last time your practice evaluated your software or other options in the market?


Propose a trusted staff member to invest time researching potential software options. It’s also likely your software can automate other tasks which take up small time throughout the day. Be sure to use your programs to the best of their ability.


Train Employees and Delegate Responsibilities


Your dental practice must be run like a business.  You must act like a CEO and effectively delegate as much non-essential responsibility as possible. As a dentist you have an immense workload, so anything which can be legally delegated it is best to evaluate and train your staff to handle the workload.


Dental hygienists and other staff members are allowed to perform certain procedures which may aid in your effective delegation strategy.

When you automate your staff to handle key responsibilities, you find flexibility in your practice time. This leads to more appointments, more clients, and a happier staff.


Practice Management Software


Software competition is at an all-time high. With so many options choosing which is best for your dental practice needs can be a challenge. Should you move to a cloud-based solution or stick with your on-premise software? Start by identifying areas of improvement in your practice and then evaluating the few options that will solve your problems without creating more.


Curve Dental


Curve Dental is one of the most highly rated dental practice management software systems on the market. Curve is a fully web-based solution which will manage scheduling, reporting, chart generation, imaging, and more.


Curve is a HIPPA compliant web browser based software can help increase efficiency in your practice with its easy to use interview and usability with any operating system or web browser.


Dentrix and Dentrix Ascend


Dentrix is a trusted name in the world of dental practice management technology. Comprehensive customization and features with the purchase of Dentrix make it one of the most costly options on the market. If you’re a smaller practice or the price is a concern, check out Dentrix Ascend.


Dentrix Ascend was release in 2013 as a fully cloud-based dental practice management service. This is a perfect option for a small, growing practice with options for a pay-as-you-go subscription service. This helps small, large, and multi-location practices all around the world manage their business.


Practice Management Software Maximization


The utilization of the software you choose to run your dental practice is vital to increasing revenue and efficiency. The software can help your staff handle a lot of the day-day operational responsibilities, leaving you to focus on treating patients.


All of the below can help maximize the usage of your practice management software, save time, and help increase revenue for your business:


  • Schedule and Increased Workflow
  • Treatment Planning
  • Digital Charts
  • Improved Note Taking
  • Billing & Appointment Reminders


When you increase the usability of your software these areas help to keep things in one location, make it easier for customers, enable better customer service, and improve the overall efficiency of your dental practice.




Why is it important to improve the efficiency of your dental practice? As we discussed earlier, your dental practice is a business. In order to cut costs, save time, improve staff morale, increase revenue, and better serve your customers.


When you begin to delegate responsibilities and focus on your doctoral objectives, you will find more time to serve patients. With a dental digital marketing strategy, you can generate more leads and continue to grow your practice.


TiktoPlus CEO Marc Mereyde will be speaking at the Las Vegas Dental Marketing Conference on October 5th. Find out more information here and hear his top dental digital marketing strategies and advice to grow your practice!

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